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A&E has banned Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty because Phil expressed his personal preference for heterosexual marriage. We believe A&E owes Phil an apology and should re-instate him to the show immediately. will deliver these petitions to A&E headquarters expressing our support for Phil Robertson and demanding that A&E reinstate him to the show immediatley.

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To: A&E and all concerned parties

I am outraged that A&E has banned Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” and am calling on A&E to re-instate him to the show immediately Phil expressed his personal view in support of heterosexual marriage. Phil deserves an apology from A&E and should be re-instated immediately.
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52 thoughts on “Sign Our Petition”

  1. He did what was right he believes in the bible how is that wrong he did not bash gays he just don’t support it and neither do I. He’s a christen he believes in the bible and the bible says it wrong thats what HE believes so leave Phil alone he’s right!!!

    1. I am Phil Robertson strong! I fully agree with him, he was raised in the south and that is what he has grown up knowing. Everything he has said I fully agree with. If a gay person speaks they are praised but if a person like Phil Robertson speaks every word is listened to and if someone thinks he said something bad he is judged. I believe that the duck dynasty clan should leave A and E and go to a different network. I support Phil Robertson do you?

    1. So much for freedom of speech huh? Phil expressed his personal preference for heterosexual marriage. I feel the same way he does. So he tells it like it is, so what? I think this is a bunch of bull. Who ever is hurt by what was said can just get over it.

  2. if something a nother person says bothers someone dont watch them or listen to what they have to say plain and simple if you dont like it get over it or turn the channel the apostal paul said it just as good as it could be said.

  3. This whole thing is a disgusting mess. GQ set Phil up to speak the truth of what he believes and what the Bible teaches. And A&E is using this to agree with what now is politically correct and acceptable in the public’s eyes. Was A&E unaware of the Christianity that this whole family embraces? NO! And they were financially accepting the benefits of the show’s popularity. But now that Phil has spoken what A&E knew along, he is on hiatus. Shame on you A&E. HYPOCRITS! YOU disgust me.

  4. Hang in there Phil, people are pissed and A&E are going to regret their decision. There is nothing t be ashamed of in saying what you did. This is America, and there is still the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which allows us to say what we want, when we want. Our Forefathers knew that they had t protect everyone’s right to free speech.


  5. Phil has a right to say what he thinks as far as I know this is America and we still have freedom of speech. You go Phil love you and your family

  6. Phil has done the same thing we all learn in church. Speak the truth. The Catholic Church teaches us that Homosexuality is a sign. Isn’t there more important things in the world to worry about. There are children that are hungry and people living on the streets. Let’s start with that. God Bless Phil Robertson.

  7. I only watched his show once and his religious beliefs are not mine but A&E was completely wrong to violate his constitutional rights on this. A&E had every right to do what they did just as he had every right to say what he did and like I have every right to never watch A&E again

  8. The Robertsons are such a refreshing family and the show is GREAT! One reason I started watching it ,because there is no cursing and the fact they pray at the end.It is one of the few shows on TV ,where good morals are seen and heard. I support Phil and I am very proud of the rest of the family for standing up with and for him. DUCK DYNASTY , the BEST REALITY show on TV !!I will boycott A&E if they do not put Phil back on the show.I follow the Robertsons to a new network if it comes to that

  9. With all the horrible, distasteful things on television and all the deliberate insults delivered every day, how can A&E punish this man for stating an opinion? Absurd. I am often offended by things I see on television, but this was not offensive.

  10. As a devout Orthodox Christian I am actually going to put my faith aside on this one. Instead I am going to take the stance of a retired US Army soldier. And speak about the first amendment to the constitution, a document that me and my brothers took an oath to support and defend, killed for bled for and some paid the ultimate sacrifice for. I am appalled by the double standard and intolerance to Judeo Christians. it seems to be ok for anyone else in this country gay, pagan, muslum, atheist or agnostic anyone EXCEPT for the Christian to speak regarding their beliefs. It seems in my country everyone except the Christian has the right to speak openly without judgement however the second they do they are mocked. The first Amendment gives ALL the right to free speech Including my Christian brothers. And remember the next time you see occupy wall street or someone burning old glory in this country. Remember it took a man with a rifle on his chest to allow them to do that.

  11. To A&E……you are NO longer allowed on my T.V. You have been blocked for discrimination, Freedom of Speech and for being Anti-Christian!! I AM CHRISTIAN and DAMN PROUD OF IT!!! I AN AMERICAN and DAMN PROUD OF THAT ALSO!! I BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH…..again, DAMN PROUD OF THAT TOO!!!! Good Riddance A&E!!!!!

  12. I’m totally shock what A&E had done to Phil Robertson I have read and heard all the things he said ,I don’t truly believe he did to hurt anybody feelin ,I do believe he has seen a lot things has happen even known he is a true old school man and so am I ,let me get this straight with you to A&E if you go back to hear what he said,did you hear Mr Phil Robertson say anybody name about is what and who is this? if you think he did I will be calling you a big damn liar. I am workin on getting everything set up to watch A&E look bad cause I have a few tings against A&E #1 I thought this tv show is to be about family thing? oh do know so it is but not A&E #2 I think A&E better back up and review miley cyrus when she was show her half naked body and roll up a joint and light it up right in front of the tv camera and smoke it right on live action tv ,,,huh but that ok right,,damn wrong dude,so therefore I don’t see where PHIL ROBERTSON did anything wrong , so Mr.robertson I am 100% behind you and I will stand with you all until the day I die,god bless you and your entired family,,

  13. The Robertson family is the only reality TV show that I watch and look forward to each week. Even the re-runs. This family makes you feel good because what you see is real and not put on like the Kardashians or some of the other reality shows. This is a good show for the entire family as it shows how close this family is. Everyone should be aloud to give their own opinion, whether it’s on TV or otherwise. This family has a strong Christian belief. Phil didn’t state he hated them, but how he strongly believes and doesn’t agree with them. There are a lot of Americans that feel the same way and I think it’s great he wasn’t afraid, like most, to say what he feels. It only gives me a good feeling knowing that his family is so loving and strong. There are so many families in America that are not anymore. People don’t have to keep up with all the times if it interferes with how they believe they should live there lives and they should not be prosecuted for it. Kudos to the whole Robertson family!

  14. Our prayers of strength, wisdom, and encouragement are with you and your entire family during this trying time! We support you 100%! I am so thankful that there are strong public figures like yourselves that continue to stand on the Word of God and not waiver or bend to please the unbelieving. All of us will stand before God someday soon and pay account for everything. There is nothing here on this earth worth loosing our salvation over. I know that each and everyone of us will face trials and tribulations in our lifetime, and its through the difficult times we grow in our faith with God. I believe all things happen for a reason, and this may be a part of His plan. I believe that God has richly blessed your entire family because of the faith and love you outwardly express for Him. Each person who takes up the cross and is determined to follow Him will come under attack at some point and time in their life….but it’s keeping on the straight and narrow path and enduring all the tests of life that will be all that matters in the end. May God continue to richly bless you and your family. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and to God be the Glory this upcoming year!

  15. Phil is a man of God and he did no wrong in voicing what he believes straight from the Holy Bible and he said he did not hate anyone you forgot to put everything he said and the way he ended his thoughts was to love everyone and leave it to God to sort it out, to me that doesnt sound as if he insulted anyone its the big boys trying to bring hurt on a family just to satisfy the gay population our country as we know it has gone to the dogs because of people like you who protect the wrong doers of today.This is my thoughts and Phil deserves more respect than what he is getting but go ahead and nail another man to the cross.

  16. I well no longer watch A&E and I well dish network to take them off my tv as soon as duck dynasty moves to another network hopefully cmt. AE well lose because of this. Besides this I use to be a rodeor. What’s up with that stupid show rodeo girls. Barrle racers aren’t.that way.

  17. This is still America. Where a person can give an opinion on his or her religious beliefs and not be persecuted by a group of right wing sinners.

  18. <3 Hey… I support free speech & Phil Robertson's right to voice his opinion! … and Hey… “Our founding fathers started this country and built it on God and His Word, and this country sure would be a better place to live and raise our children if we still followed their ideals and beliefs.”
    ― Phil Robertson, Happy, Happy, Happy

  19. A&E flaunts homosexuality, promiscuity, etc., in their distributed and own productions, and yet objects when someone stands for the Biblical truth in marriage??? This used to be a family friendly network and Duck Dynasty remains one of the few shows on A&E that is now fit to watch. Language in your original productions is downright filthy. Thanks to the cast of Duck Dynasty for their stand for Jesus and the Biblical way! You go, Phil!!!

  20. This can best be settled by viewers as consumers dealt
    with the Chic-A-Fil dust up. Whoever made the decision
    needs to be canned like the leader at NPR was shown the door.
    Despite the fact I find the show dorky, the Constitution must
    be defended

  21. By taking away Phil’s rights to voice his opinion of belief in God and the Bible as the inspired word of God, A&E is also saying that anyone who as the same opinion no longer has a right to voice it because some other group doesn’t not hold the same belief. FREEDOM of RELIGION – FREEDOM of SPEECH.

  22. If Kanye West can say “George Bush doesn’t care about black people…” and go unpunished, why can’t Phil Robertson use HIS Freedom of Speech to say what he feels?

    You don’t need to agree with what either said, both are entitled to their opinion through the RIGHT to Freedom of Speech.


  23. I STAND WITH PHIL. Everyone should be able to express their views, that’s their right. If you disagree with something then don’t patronize it, that’s your right, but don’t expect it to be silenced because you disagree. Keep in mind if homosexuality was the norm, then the human race would not exist. And that’s not just my view! That”s a fact Jack

    1. I support Phil because he’s not just giving his personal opinion; he giving Scripture and saying, “I believer there is a higher authority who establishes right and wrong.” It doesn’t matter if it’s lying, homosexuality, premarital sex, or whatever. God’s standards are THE standard.

  24. Excellent blog right here! And may the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS. !

  25. I love the show and the old fashion family values of faith and family is first. I agree with Phil and will stand by him and his family and will boycott A & E if they don’t put Phil back on the show.

  26. I support Phil but I find some of your humor to be crude and vulgar–unlike the Robertson family humor. I don’t even want to see profanity on my fb page and I certainly won’t be signing a petition using crude jokes. Yawl really need to clean it up.

  27. I would suggest Duck Dynasty go to another cable company
    “True TV” !! tell it like it is ! A & E will be the losers !

    1. Earlier today, I read your comments about what the bible says, and your thoughts about sexual preferences. I don’t see what you said that was deemed to be hateful, or even intolerant. It is true that in the latter days good will be called evil, and evil good. Please DO NOT APOLOGIZE! You said nothing that warrants an apology. Joe S.

  28. I support Phil and his family and for what they stand for! They are an all-time great American family! Go Duck Dynasty!!!!!

  29. I hate to be the bearer of bad news; but the people who oppose Phil over his views of gay marriage don’t oppose Phil at all; but rather God Almighty Himself. Homosexuality is no more Divinely accepted now, than it was in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. All the sexually immoral shall be cast into the lake of everlasting fire, but the hottest flame will ( I believe ) be reserved for those who say-” It’s OK to be gay.”

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